For any successful construction, measurements cannot be ignored. The magnitude of a measure determines the accuracy, precision, and tolerance required. These, in turn, determine the type of precision instruments used. There are uncertainties in any measurement, and the aim of the precision instruments is to minimize on the same. It is therefore paramount that the most precise instrument is employed for every task.

Since construction began, repetitive work is inevitable. In times past, this was done by making new templates for every individual task. This led to many unwanted errors and imperfections as people are bound to make mistakes. Angles had to be measured again and again consuming a lot of precious time, which translated to lower productivity and consequently reduced earnings. All this was solved by the invention and design of the handy angle template tool, the ANGLE-IZER. This template tool revolutionized the construction process. It is a simple and cheap tool that is easy to operate and store hence every craftsman and builder has to have it in their toolbox. Since its arms are calibrated in inches and millimetres, its users work with their preferred units of measurement. It is, therefore, a perfect tool for DIYers who love doing things on their own. 

Many instruments on offer can only perform one task. This is not the case with ANGLE-IZER. It is one of the most versatile products available. In cutting bricks, tiles and other products and in construction that requires making repetitive angles, the angle template tool cannot be dispensed with. This is used for making bulls eyes and arches on roof joists. Additionally, it is also used to make plumb cuts. Being a precision instrument, it guarantees the making of the same measurements throughout a task which saves both money and time.

In any project, repetitive spacing works are not only boring but tedious. Projects of this nature mainly involve making patterns and drilling of holes on concrete, timber and other surfaces such as laminates. Spacing between parallel pieces of wood and bricks when laying them are also overly repetitive, with the great need to form right angles at joints and alignments. However, since many builders cannot afford to mechanize the process, the ANGLE-IZER comes in handy. It ensures precise transfer of equal measurements for as many times as necessary. This saves on effort input and has great financial advantages.

Unlike many tools, the ANGLE-IZER is a very durable tool. Made from aluminum, it is not only light but also very durable and flexible. Dropped from a ladder, it is not likely to break, ensuring value for the money. This makes the tool very easy to carry around and well adapted for any construction site or projects.

The possibilities are limitless with the ANGLE-IZER angle template tool. The aluminum construction and the large metal knobs eliminate any weakness that would stem from plastic material. Aluminum being a strong and versatile manufacturing component, this will ensure years of good use from this angle template tool.

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